Comella tailoring since 1963

The Comella brand was born in 1963 by the hand of two skilled and meticulous artisans, Teresa and Enzo Comella, who began their tailoring business with the supply of military shirts for the Italian Ministry of Defense.

Commitment and dedication mean that starting from 1973, for the next twenty years, they are entrusted with the production of shirts of major high fashion brands, among many include Cacharel and Pierre Cardin.

Then, tailor-made will be introduced: each garment is customized in all its parts, from the neck to the stitching, and made with the same care and love that has characterized Comella production for decades.

In the following years, the first collection of the main accessory for men's clothing was presented to the public: the tie. Comella ties are made strictly by hand, making them unique thanks to the attention paid to detail, in order to satisfy all our most demanding customers.

Today Mrs. Teresa, with her fifty years of experience, continues the tailoring business with her sons Davide and Salvatore.

The historic company thus affirms itself as one of the oldest and most recognized Campania tailors.