Our collections

The quality of the artisanal tailoring is combined with commercial distribution.
Our collections ensure that the quality of artisan tailoring marries with commercial distribution. Our handmade shirts, ties and clutches arrive in the most important showcases in the world.

Unique shirts, hand-sewn

From the fabric to the seams, from the collar to the buttons, we create the perfect shirt for every customer. The good reasons that lead a man to choose Comella shirts for his wardrobe are the fine fabrics and materials and the high tailored fit that create a unique and original garment.

The shirts are made according to the artisan tradition, allow maximum freedom of movement with the comfort of the armholes, the saddled shoulders, the canvassed collar with variable textures, removable stays and Australian mother-of-pearl buttons. The Comella shirt shop offers an exclusive tailor-made service that allows you to create a totally personalized shirt.


Comella ties are rigorously sewn by hand, each step is carried out and taken care of in every detail by the expert hands of our seamstresses: from the cutting of the fabric to the ironing, from the lining to the sewing, up to the arrival in the drawers of our customers throughout the world.


The finest silk, the quality of the finishes, the variety of patterns, the most accurate workmanship make each foulard a top class product.

The pleasure of wearability is completed with scarves, sweaters and hats, perfectly combining the quality of the fibers with the technical skills of expert craftsmen, to create cashmere garments of absolute excellence.